Monday Musing: A New Book Idea

I’m working with the idea for a new book tentatively titled “Edgar Shipley and the Endless Pursuit of Authenticity".” It would be about an immortal man living throughout history in search of the meaning of life. It would chronicle his various efforts to find meaning and how he has to continuously fake his own deaths and assume new identities and the historical events he accidentally contributed to.

One such event that I am having a great deal of fun thinking about is when he tries to inspire others and inadvertently becomes Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, he is then killed by the Romans and allows himself to be laid to rest in a cave before escaping and assuming a new life elsewhere. He then tries to be a prophet again, this time as a man named Mohammed and expanding on his previous teachings . But, sadly, his new faith divides itself immediately and goes the way of Christianity.

I envision the story to be similar to Forest Gump in the sense that a likable and flawed main character stumbles his way through life and ends up in interesting situations all the while providing commentary on the every day human experience. My thought is that after the development of technology, Edgar has great difficulty remaining anonymous and soon his immortality is discovered. He believes that this is the start of his journey to uncovering the meaning of life but, unfortunately, it leaders to the end of the Earth and he is left floating aimlessly through space.

Or I can go for an ending that’s much more wholesome, problem is I haven’t thought of one yet.