Rates & Services

I offer a wide variety of writing and editing related services. I take special care to produce readable, creative, and engaging works to compliment your business or personal endeavors. 

Writing & Editing

My writing and editing services include professional genres such as AP style articles, technical writing/user guidesweb copy, and academic essays/papers.

I also write and edit creative works such as short-stories (fiction and non-fiction), blogs, product reviews, tabletop RPG world building, and more.

Rates start at $0.12 - $0.14 per word. Includes any necessary research, editing, and or proofreading necessary. 

Editing rates based on project length

  • <1000 words – $0.04 per word

  • 1000-9999 words – $0.03 per word

  • 10,000+ words – $0.02 per word

Other Fees

For rush work (anything with a <48-hour deadline), I charge my normal rates, plus a $30 rush fee. I pride myself in taking my time to produce engaging, polished, quality content, and I don’t like to sacrifice quality for quantity if possible.

I charge a kill fee (payment in case my assignment has been cancelled, or is otherwise no longer wanted) equal to 25% of the entire project, or 50% if the project has been completed. 

I request partial payment upfront of 50% of the projected cost.

Payment accepted through PayPal.

Not all projects are equal. My rates may vary and are subject to change based on the scope of the project, scope-creep, and the duration of the project.